A new portable appliance testing (PAT) programme for training centres and colleges is the latest initiative in Megger’s ongoing offer of support for students learning skills that relate to electrical testing.

Training organisations that participate in the campaign, which is free of charge, receive educational material and are also invited to take advantage of additional options, including on-campus demonstrations of PAT testing techniques by Megger’s experienced specialists.

The educational material supplied by Megger includes a series of posters with clear photographic illustrations showing modern instruments in use, testing a variety of assets. These posters are well suited for helping instructors to explain PAT testing methods and are also well suited for permanent display in classrooms where they act as useful memory joggers for students. A copy of Megger’s new PAT Testing DVD, explaining the types of equipment and tests undertaken in an easy to follow manner, will also be included in the package, a trailer of which can be viewed at http://bit.ly/16XIaB4

In addition, the illustrations on the posters are incorporated as image files on a CD, which makes them easy for instructors to use in lecture material, revision notes, PowerPoint presentations and for other similar purposes.

To complement the educational material, Megger can, on request, make arrangements for one of its engineers to visit the participating organisation’s campus and provide practical demonstrations. At these, students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in using the latest PAT testing instruments.

Other options available to participants in the Megger PAT programme include making arrangements for local wholesalers to provide test equipment on loan and to offer special discounts to students and to the training institutions themselves. In addition, Megger are happy to host an off-campus visit for students and lecturers at their manufacturing site and R & D facility in Dover, Kent.