Stand 83

HBM – a leader in the field of test and measurement – will be exhibiting 21st Century measurement technology, capable of working in extreme environments, both above and below the water line at this year’s Global Offshore Wind exhibition, 24-25th of June at London’s ExCeL.

Sharing its stand with HBM FiberSensing, HBM will feature the WindMETER system at the show, which is a complete fibre-optic monitoring solution designed by  FiberSensing, to be installed in wind generator blades.

Due to the increased capacity of generators and, consequently, of larger blade sizes, wind blade monitoring has now become essential.  Moreover, the increasing number of off-shore facilities, plus the need to extend the structures working life has now created a need for reliable real time monitoring solutions.

The WindMETER system consists of an interrogator and a set of passive Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) strain and temperature sensors, which feature an inherent insensitivity to environmental induced drift and allow for high resolution to be attained, even for long fibre leads and connections with losses.  Designed to perform under harsh conditions, the WindMETER interrogator is fanless and features a durable and robust stainless steel enclosure.  It comes with an Ethernet interface to remotely connect to any standard PC and can be fully controlled using ASCII text commands.  In addition, the interrogator can also be configured with Profibus or other communication protocol upon request to fully integrate with a systems control SCADA.

Also showcasing at the Global Offshore Wind Exhibition will be the HBM Underwater strain measurement model; an aquarium which demonstrates both submerged strain gauge and fibre optic measurement points highlighting subsea measurement possibilities.  HBM will also feature a range of HBM sensors, transducers and data acquisition systems applicable for condition monitoring and renewable energy industries.

HBM measurement technology helps to identify mechanical stress on wind turbine components at an early stage during research and development testing and during operation minimising downtime, extending life cycle and improving safety.  

In addition, professional software from HBM nCode enables fatigue analysis during design for optimal and safe dimensioning of all components and in real-time for  asset monitoring or even an entire wind park.

HBM FiberSensing S.A. is a worldwide reference in the development and production of advanced monitoring systems based on FBG technology.  To learn more about HBM and FiberSensing systems, visit stand 83 at Global Offshore Wind or go to

For more information on HBM wind turbine testing solutions, visitors are invited to attend a presentation by Dr Andrew Schafer at the Business Showcase on the topic “How to identify mechanical stress on wind turbines to maximise output and minimize downtime”.