Critical Power Supplies has introduced a battery replacement service.

Today’s UPS batteries are extremely robust and reliable but, like all batteries, they are consumables and have a finite life

Power protection customers can now gain access to a fast, unique and cost-effective UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) battery replacement service from Critical Power Supplies.

Available to customers across the UK and Northern Ireland, the service is being offered as a standalone package or part of an emergency, standby or preventative maintenance plan. Critical Power Supplies’ battery replacement service incorporates the latest recycling techniques, standards and products and provides cashback* for recycled batteries.

Alongside supplying power critical and energy management products, Critical Power Supplies has become renowned for putting together packages that directly address customer needs in terms of response and affordability. UPS battery replacement is one of the most pressing because UPS batteries provide the lifeblood, in terms of emergency standby electricity of every power protection installation. They are also one of the most common causes of failure.

“Today’s UPS batteries are extremely robust and reliable but, like all batteries, they are consumables and have a finite life,” stated Jason Koffler, founder and managing director of Critical Power Supplies. “There are the odd one or two that fail for other reasons before their expected end of life and when batteries do break down (for whatever reason), sourcing replacements can be difficult and expensive for customers.

“However, our whole business ethos is built around ‘readiness’ and responding to emergencies. We’ve put together this battery replacement package – Battery Replacement Service in a Box – we’re calling it, in order to make the process quick, easy and affordable. All customers have to do is make one phone call and we do the rest.”

Critical Power Supplies is also offering battery replacement within maintenance contracts and remote monitoring plans. Maintenance plans are completely customisable, to suit the needs of every customer, and can be paid for monthly by standing order, quarterly, six-monthly or annually. Discounts are available (depending on the type of contract) and contracts cover all products including cooling, UPS, generators, PDUs, voltage optimisers, switchgear and so on.

Customers can find out more about Critical Power Supplies’ Battery Replacement or Maintenance and Monitoring Services by clicking these links. Visit the website: or call sales on: 0800 978 8988.

*Depending on the weight of products recycled through Critical Power Supplies.