As we are officially into British Summertime, Synapsys Solutions is urging the industry not to ‘fit and forget’ their Energy Management System (EMS). Your EMS can be used to gain a comprehensive view of your energy usage which makes it possible to analyse current and historic trends in consumption – such as the fact that the lights haven’t been re-programmed to take into account British Summertime.

Commercial buildings are dynamic entities with constantly changing occupancy and needs. The key to energy management and a long-term reduction in usage is therefore continuous improvement. Why not make May the month to take action and through data analytics use the information which is available to form a firm strategy?

The primary role of your EMS is to collect data from the building’s Building Management System and energy monitoring solution which can be used for detailed analysis. This allows the building owner or manager to understand when and how a building uses energy and identify anomalies in energy consumption, such as underperforming plant.

It also allows analytics providers to determine control strategies which are then fed back into the building’s BMS. This forms the basis for the controls strategy going forward for improved efficiency and unlocking potential energy savings.

Matt Gardner, Business Development Manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “By combining a BMS, energy monitoring solution and data analytics, it is far easier for building owners and managers to be better informed and make sense of performance data. Instead of one-off energy saving initiatives, companies should focus on sustaining and improving energy efficiency over the long term and by having an effective energy management strategy in place, you can begin to unlock potential savings.”