Siemens new Push Buttons and Signalling Devices are suitable for every application

Our ”Performance in Action” promise doesn’t just stop at the design: the flat, round metal and plastic elements combine unparalleled functionality with a timelessly aesthetic look. Four design lines and a host of options for combining actuators and indicators, material, colour, type of front ring and illumination make the push buttons and signalling devices look like they have been specially designed for your system. Thus SIRIUS ACT offers the right answer for every application, taste and budget.

Installation has never been easier. With 100% twist prevention integrated into the holders, SIRIUS ACT can be installed in groove-free milled holes, saving you significant installation time. The innovative snap-on concept makes the task of installing a unit so effortless that it can be done with one hand.

Functionality of SIRIUS ACT is preserved even when dust or water under high pressure are involved. Even oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences cannot disrupt reliable operation. Thus SIRIUS ACT is the perfect solution for a host of applications.

SIRIUS ACT also has it very own configurator tool enabling you to configure your individual push buttons and signalling devices quickly and simply. The intuitive SIRIUS ACT configurator makes it as easy as possible for you to choose your products – online, with picture-based component selection, dragand- drop functions and user-friendly documentation and reordering options.

SIRIUS ACT push buttons and signalling devices – convincing in design, performance, ruggedness and handling. Enabling you to get things going.

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