Lighting specialist Glamox has introduced a groundbreaking range of explosion-protected (Ex e) LED light fittings for Zone 1 hazardous areas, including oil & gas installations, where reduction of lighting maintenance and operating costs are critical.

The TX60 range of LED light fittings are specifically designed to enable rapid, easy replacement of existing T8 fluorescent light fittings without requiring any additional design or installation changes. The LED system with new advanced IC driver technology provides the TX60 with a class-leading operating life of 100,000 hours at Ta +45°C, with no system lifetime limitations from the driver.


Reduces total cost of ownership

As there is no need for any lamp, ballast or driver replacements, the TX60 LED light fittings are fully sealed, virtually maintenance-free units. With its modular design, an IP66/67 Ex e enclosure and an IP66 Ex m LED, the TX60 is designed for harsh environments. The combination of LED technology, heat sink and limited sealing gasket length means that ingress of water and moisture to the light fitting (which can result in earth faults) is eliminated. In addition, unlike T8 fluorescent light fittings, the TX60 does not require any tube disposal/recycling systems, or tube/lamp storage areas (which can be a problem in the case of an offshore oil & gas installation where space is limited). Consequently, the TX60 LED adds reliability and minimises costly maintenance and servicing of lighting in hazardous areas.


Energy savings

The robust, reliable, slim designed TX60 LED light fitting incorporates a range of technologies that offer substantial reductions in operating expenses (OPEX) and maintenance costs for oil & gas installations. As well as being maintenance-free over 100,000 hours, the TX60 also reduces energy costs, providing 30% energy savings compared to conventional T8 HF fluorescent lamps.


Easy replacement

The TX60 is designed with comparable light distribution, lumen output, colour temperature and colour rendering (CRI) to conventional T8 fluorescent light fittings. The TX60 can be installed indoors or outdoors in a Zone 1 or a Zone 2 hazardous area.


As Nickels Ackermann, Product Manager at Glamox states: “Over its operating life, there is no need for any costly, intrusive maintenance with the TX60. You can simply replace an existing T8 fluorescent fixture with a TX60 LED light fitting, without any additional design or installation changes. The benefits of not having to replace the lamp or driver are enormous and there is no need for any new lighting design calculations to be carried out. In addition, the mounting brackets on the TX60 can be easily adjusted to suit the existing light fixings. The brackets are flexible and the length of the fitting and distance between the terminals on the TX60 are designed to replace most T8 hazardous area light fittings on the market.”

The through-wired version of the TX60 has terminal boxes at both ends of the fitting, simplifying the connection.


Ideal for harsh environments

The TX60 LED Ex e light fitting is IECEx- and ATEX-certified for use in Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas and is manufactured according to IEC EN 60079. The housing of the TX60 is made from seawater-resistant aluminium. The luminaire is also vibration-resistant and EMC1 tested according to the latest stringent marine standards. The TX60 also has a high tolerance to shock/impacts. As well as a highly improved system efficiency, the luminaire also has an impressively wide ambient operating temperature range, from -50°C to +55°C (or -40°C to +55°C for integral battery-operated version). With no inrush current (i.e. no capacitors in the IC driver) the installation design is easy and flexible.

Ensuring a safe working environment

A working environment with a high level of visual comfort and performance is one of the most important factors for personnel to remain safe but productive. The TX60 LED light fitting fulfils the requirements of good lighting practice and a safe working environment by providing a colour rendering (CRI) of 80 or higher and a glare ratio (UGR) of less than 22. The colour temperature options are 5,000 or 3,000 Kelvin.

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