Dold has designed a new modular Safemaster STS trapped key interlock system to comply with the standard EN 13849-1 that replaced EN 954 in December. The new standard has been implemented to ensure all parts of machine safety control systems are assessed and are suitable for purpose, based upon reliability, diagnostic coverage and resistance to common cause failures.

The Safemaster STS fully complies with EN 13849-1 right up to the requirements of Performance Level ‘e’ (PLe), as a ‘stand alone mechanical system’, with the option of adding solenoid locking and electrical switching directly to guard doors or the control cabinet, as required.

The Safemaster STS range can achieve this as it is a modular concept which allows it to be configured to meet the requirements of a redundant system with dual inputs and diagnostic coverage up to 99%. In addition, the whole range has been designed with the required level of built-in resistance to common cause failures.

The system is made of AISI 316 stainless steel and utilises ergonomic pad lockable linear keys. The flexible stackable design incorporates multi-angle actuator and key entry together with several types of actuator.