Ellis has launched an online learning platform aimed at enhancing both professional development and the understanding of cable cleats around the world.

The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer has taken its UK accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course – Cable cleats: a device for short circuit protection – online so that it can be used by engineering professionals, wherever they are in the world, as part of their on-going programme of career development and learning.

Phil Goddard, Ellis’ specification manager, said: “Our CPD programme has been running for a number of years and to date we’ve clocked up thousands of miles presenting the course hundreds of times.”

“The problem with the traditional offline approach is that you’re severely restricted in terms of time and location as to when and how many times you can present the course. By taking our CPD online people can now access it when and where they want, and at the end come away with a CPD accreditation that is recognised globally.”

“The advantage of this from our point of view is that its global availability matches our ever-expanding global reach. We have distributors in over 30 different countries and customers in even more – and the online learning platform is a great way to educate people in all these different markets about the importance of cable cleat, while at the same time helping their professional development.”

Ellis’ e-learning platform has been designed to provide technical insight and guidance in terms of the use of cable cleat and is accredited through the UK CPD organisation. It can be accessed at: