Can reduce total installed cost by as much as 33%

Panduit, the world-class developer and provider of physical infrastructure solutions, recently introduced the Wave-Ty™ line of stainless steel cable ties. The cable ties are designed for heat trace installations and to provide an expected service life of 30 years or more. Available for pipe sizes ranging from 2 inches to 36 inches, the cable ties are more efficient for installing heat trace cabling in many applications. Tests conducted at industrial locations indicate that workers using this alternative approach can complete heat trace installations two to three times faster than a traditional tie wire installation method. This

can lead to as much as a 33% reduction in total installed cost.

The Panduit Wave-Ty™ cable ties feature a wide and flat profile that spreads the force across a wider cable surface and is less likely to damage the mineral insulated electric heat trace (MIEHT). A unique design provides space for the heat trace cabling to move relative to the pipe or structure’s thermal extraction. The cable ties also eliminate puncture and cutting hazards associated with tie wires and banding.

The accompanying cable tie tool helps ensure uniform tension to keep the heat trace cabling against the intended surface. This minimizes the chance that the heat trace cabling is bound too tightly, which can lead to early failures and expensive repairs, or not bound tightly enough, which can cause poor heat transfer.

“Our Wave-Ty™ stainless steel cable ties bring improved reliability while reducing user health and safety concerns associated with traditional tie wire,” said Henk Nouwen, Business Development Manager, IC/MRO, Panduit.  

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