Hager’s new addition to the Lighting Connection range, Klik Black, provides the installation and aesthetic benefits that specifiers are seeking in open ceiling applications. Capitalising on all the features of the Klik 4 Range, Klik Black aims to offer contractors with an extended application range to conform to project requirements.

Established as a market leader in plug and play lighting connection, Hager has recently launched Klik Black – an extension to their staple lighting connection range, Klik. While mirroring all the features and benefits of Klik 4 Pin, Klik Black provides installers with a low visibility solution that’s ideal for open or semi open ceiling applications.

The new addition offers installers and building managers with a wider application selection to accommodate project specifications. Klik Black aims to blend seamlessly into dark settings where darker products are used, thus hiding in plain sight.  

“We frequently received requests from our customers that showed a strong need for a low visibility lighting connection system. We listened to the needs of our customers and developed a solution that incorporated all the benefits of our Klik range while also encompassing a design suited for open celling applications.” said Product Manager, John Appleton.


Products included in the Klik Black range:

  • Marshalling boxes
  • Pluggable ceiling roses
  • Klik 4 pin plugs & sockets
  • Occupancy sensors

Ideal for a commercial or retail setting, Klik Black delivers compliance of the necessary BS Standards for lighting connection and electrical safety. With its plugs, sockets, PCR, marshalling boxes and even its matching sensors, Klik Black will not only save time on-site, but contractors can remain confident that they are installing a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution.   


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