Thorn Lighting has provided a ‘one stop shop’ for Papa John’s at the company’s new headquarters in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire in an upgrade to energy efficient, low maintenance LED lighting. In addition to offices, the facility houses a £5m dough plant and quality control centre, supplying over 400 outlets. Thorn’s brief was to achieve the upgrade to energy efficient, low maintenance LED lighting whilst improving the overall illumination of the facility with the required maintained illuminance and 80% uniformity. The target for the installation was to provide an overall building lighting efficiency of not be less than 60 luminaire lumens / circuit watt and provide various lux levels for different areas. To increase energy savings, automatic detection with a daylight link facility has also been provided where natural daylight is available.



The Papa John’s restaurant franchise is the third largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the world with headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, near Louisville. Papa John’s (GB) Limited was incorporated on 20 Dec 1990 and located in Milton Keynes. The detached facility, which covers nearly 50 thousand square feet, has undergone a £2.1million refurbishment that has seen the office completely stripped of its previous amenities and replaced with modern installations and exteriors. This included the construction of a new reception and atrium along with the complete reconfiguration of the existing car parking area, strip out of all of the internal finishes, lighting, ceilings, carpets, partitioning, electrical installation, air conditioning, ventilation, toilets and external areas.



The Thorn team worked closely with the consulting engineers to meet the stringent requirements of the project and came up with a design that included 600 x 600 Omega Pro LED recessed luminaires and Chalice LED recessed downlights to provide 450 lux throughout the office areas. The Omega Pro LED 600x600mm fitting has a slim 12mm profile and a UV-stabilised opal acrylic diffuser so it will retain its clean look. The IP44 rated Omega provides excellent glare control (UGR<19/22) and is easily retrofitted, whilst maintenance is significantly reduced by the 50,000 hours’ life of the 4000K LED lamps supplied with the fitting. Thorn’s Chalice LED is a high performance LED downlight that offers exceptional efficiency with a class-leading efficacy of up to 110 Llm/W. The high performance optic and light mixing chamber provide a uniform appearance which, combined with a unified glare ratio <19, CRI 80 and CRI 90, makes Chalice perfect for high quality lighting applications. Other Thorn products used in Papa John’s upgrade include Glacier LED, modern and efficient decorative LED pendant luminaire with high lumen packages, in the Reception area and Surface Aquaforce IP65 rated LED luminaires in the dough room to provide the required 500 lux via low energy lighting in this damp, dusty environment. Thorn Plurio, which combines high performance with obtrusive light avoidance, was used in the car park. Thorn luminaires have been used throughout the building and additionally installed in the board room, meeting rooms, plant rooms, server rooms staircases, kitchens and toilets.