Steve Bratt, group CEO of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), has welcomed Ed Davey’s appointment to the role of energy secretary following Chris Huhne’s resignation.

Bratt said, “We need Davey to really engage with industry in order to drive forward the UK’s low carbon agenda. It is vital that he immediately picks up the mantle when pushing through programmes and policies such as the Green Deal, which needs much more detail to make it successful when it launches in late 2012.

“It is key that SMEs have a role in the Green Deal beyond being sub-contractors to large firms and can use their face to face contact with clients to advise on and install energy-saving solutions. We trust he will look to work with organisations such as the ECA, whose members are the frontline troops in delivering energy efficiency and sustainability.

Bratt added, “Davey has huge challenges ahead, particularly in light of the recent solar PV Feed-in-Tariff debacle. In the forthcoming comprehensive review of the Feed-in Tariff, covering all renewable technologies, he must ensure that the tariffs remain attractive to consumers. With the tight public finances, he may have to battle with the Treasury to get the best deal possible.”