The Earth-Rite series of hazardous area static grounding systems from Newson Gale incorporate many innovative and practical features which advance safety, reliability and ease of use ensuring static electricity does not pose an ignition risk in flammable gas, liquid vapour or combustible dust atmospheres.

The systems feature a cluster of bright pulsing green LEDs which provide attention grabbing indication to personnel that a positive ground condition is established for the duration of the transfer process. The system electronics, which are housed in a IIC EX(d) enclosure as standard, have a certified operating temperature range of -40°C to + 55°C which means the new systems can be installed in the harshest operating environmental conditions without any additional protection of modification.

In the world-wide chemical and process industries, Earth-Rite® static grounding systems are a well established key protocol for preventing fires and explosions occurring from electrostatic (spark) discharges during the transfer, processing and handling of flammable or combustible liquids, gases and powders. The upgraded and enhanced features of the new Earth-Rite® RTR™ and Earth-Rite® PLUS models herald the first wave of a radical advancement in static grounding technology designed to provide the user with multiple benefits in operation, safety and maintenance.

Designed specifically for minimising the hazards of static ignitions during Road Tanker Truck loading and unloading, the patented Earth-Rite® RTR™ provides operators with automatic and failsafe static ground verification and tanker truck recognition checks, ensuring product transfers cannot take place unless these parameters are tested and verified.  The Earth-Rite® PLUS provides protection for all conductive (metal) items, including drums, vessels, IBCs, mobile tanks and railcars. In addition, both systems include a pair of voltage free contacts that engage only when the resistance to ground is tested and verified to be less than 10 ohms, a feature which enables customers and specifiers demonstrate compliance with globally recognised standards for static control, including Cenelec CLC/TR: 50404 and NFPA 77.

Both systems are certified to IECEx and ATEX standards for installation and use in all common hazardous areas, including the very highest gas group approvals (EEx d (ia) IIC T6). Power supply units may be selected from 220/240V AC or 110/120V AC and are suitable for operating temperatures ranging from – 40 deg C to + 55 deg C. The Earth-Rite® RTR™ and Earth-Rite® PLUS have been assessed for functional safety and received a SIL 2 rating according to IEC 61508. 

All units are compact and easy to install and maintain, and are shipped complete with a detailed installation manual together with optional installer’s kit containing cable glands, wiring and other useful items, while on-board diagnostic “self-checking” electronics makes initial set-up and commission straightforward. The Intrinsically Safe Ground Connection Junction Box, together with “Quick Connect” feature on the cable and clamp enhances safety and simplifies on-going maintenance in hazardous areas.

Newson Gale manufactures an innovative and comprehensive range of static grounding equipment for hazardous areas, which is available worldwide via a network of specialist distributors and representatives. To learn more about the Earth-Rite® RTR™ and the Earth-Rite® PLUS, visit the Newson Gale website  or contact your local office.