Shipyard workers in Dubai are already seeing the benefits of the investment in Hadar Lighting’s innovative new LED floodlights for jack-up rigs which come into the Sharjah shipyard for refurbishment work.

As part of the rigs’ general refurbishment, the traditional deck floodlights are being changed out with Hadar Lighting’s HDL106 LED floodlights certified for Zone 1 Hazardous Area use. The company, part of the Ashington-based A-Belco Group, is experiencing a huge demand for the lights and is currently fulfilling orders from oil and gas companies across the world from the UK to Australia where they have had their biggest single order for the Gorgon gas project.

The Dubai order, placed by their Middle East distributor, has been fitted onto four drilling jack-up rigs in triple and single lamp units, providing vastly superior visibility on deck for both temporary shipyard workers and permanent crew.

Hadar Lighting’s Sales Director, Bill Armstrong, commented, “We know these rigs well having supplied and installed other Hadar products previously, particularly in the shaker houses where our HDL 100 Luminaires were still performing excellently despite the very high levels of vibration. The new LED floodlights, however, have been an even greater success by providing such a vast improvement in visibility for the crew and shipyard workers.”

“The lights produce purer light, weigh less, last far longer than traditional sodium or halogen equivalents, have no warm up period, produce very little heat and have an expected lifespan in excess of 10 years without any maintenance in line with industry’s preferred ‘fit and forget’ requirements. In addition, power consumption of the new floodlights is approximately 40% of traditional equivalent, with various beam dispersal patterns of between 10 degrees and 120 degrees meaning the light goes where it’s designed to go rather than being wasted.”

Hadar are currently working to fulfill global orders for the innovative LED floodlights for both onshore and offshore oil and gas applications.

Established in 2005, and now part of the A-Belco Group, Hadar Lighting is a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area products for the oil, gas, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries worldwide offering the design and production of products for Zone Classification Areas 1, 2, 21 & 22, Gas and Dust. Further details of the Hadar range is available at