Efficiently drive your electrical projects thanks to additional ergonomics and power!

All functions and commands in SEE Electrical are designed specifically for electrical engineering and its intuitive interface means that you can be productive very quickly, after a short training.
SEE Electrical covers all the requirements in Electrical CAD for small and medium companies in the Capital goods and Automation markets. Available in three versions, “Basic”, “Standard” and “Advanced”, SEE Electrical can evolve with customers’ requirements on one hand, and on the other address companies investment capacity.

100% Windows application
As a real, 32-bit, Windows application, SEE Electrical fits easily into your existing Windows environment and its familiarity means that it is quick and easy to learn.

Three levels for greater flexibility
SEE Electrical can be purchased in three levels – Basic, Standard and Advanced. Each offers a range of features at a different price point, so you can select the level that suits your needs and budget. If desired, you can always upgrade from one level to another, as project data is interchangeable between levels.

Plug & Play Installation
Simply place the CD-ROM in the drive, and follow the step by step instructions to install the software. Once your license has been activated, you are ready to begin your first project. The software automatically uses all available computer equipment, such as printers and graphics cards, without the need for further configuration.

Complete project documentation
With SEE Electrical you can open as many windows as you wish, as you are able to work across several projects simultaneously. Thanks to the integrated Microsoft ActiveX® interface you can also integrate documents from other Windows applications (such as Word and Excel) directly into your project structure.

Expandable with additional modules
Two main modules complete the SEE Electrical portfolio:
SEE Electrical Cabinet is the professional choice for cabinet layout design
SEE Electrical House Installation is the drawing module for electrical craftsmen.
Both are directly integrated with SEE Electrical, but can also be used as stand-alone solutions.

Additionnal modules are being offered. The “Excel export/import” module enables efficient data exchange (export of several database lists at once) and saves data entry time (import of Excel lists). “3D Cabinet” module: used with SolidWorks 3D CAD, this IGE+XAO plug-in connects full 3D functionality to user-friendly SEE Electrical V6R1 circuit diagram designing application. Various automatic controls avoid panel mounting fitting errors.
To get more information about this new version and access the full list of new functionalities, please connect to www.see-electrical.com

For over 26 years, the IGE+XAO Group has been a software publisher designing, producing, selling and ensuring the maintenance of a range of Computer Aided Design software (called “CAD”). These CAD software products have been designed to help manufacturers in the design and maintenance of the electrical part of production processes. This type of CAD is called “Electrical CAD”.
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