Borri has received independent certification for its B9000FXS and B9600FXS UPS. The results show that testing, according to EN 62040-3 criteria, the B9000FXS and B9600FXS models achieve over 95% efficiency even at part load while operating in Online Double Conversion (VFI) mode.

The certification, which was established by the International Electro-technical Commission in 1999 to help end users better understand UPS capabilities, was awarded to Borri by the global, independent certifying body, TÜV NORD Cert.

Mark Trolley of Borri said, “The cost and energy savings of even one percent increase in overall efficiency can amount to thousands of pounds. While it is common for some UPS manufacturers to test their equipment in house and declare the efficiency figures, there is some scope to be optimistic with the results.

“With this independent certification, our users can rest assured that the specifications we quote are what they will actually realise on-site, guaranteeing a lower TCO and ultimate efficiency. We are very proud of the results that were verified and achieved. We have proved that UPS’ can achieve superior efficiency levels and operate with an output transformer – the extra level of protection that other manufacturers have removed to gain efficiency and save costs.”


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