A range of hall effect current transducers from New Zealand company, Raztec NZ, are now available in the UK from Aerco. The transducers are suitable for a variety of environments such as automotive, mobility, battery management, traction, industrial, marine, energy and domestic appliance markets.

Raztec current transducers use the effect that when a current flows it produces a magnetic field proportional to that current. A hall effect sensor placed within the current transducer senses the strength of the magnetic field and produces an output proportional to the current flowing.

The transducers are available in various sizes from the 5.2mm diameter aperture of the RAZC-2 versions. The RAZC-2-FL is based upon similar technology but has a 16.5mm or 27mm diameter aperture, uses more sophisticated core materials and is encapsulated in a protective moulding for environmental protection. It is simply slipped over the current carrying conductor and connected via a flying lead.

Various versions are available to accommodate the maximum current to be measured and when it is necessary to measure currents of less than 10mA, the strength of the magnetic field and hence the sensor output is increased by passing the conductor through the ferrite loop several times. Multi-turn versions are also available.