New patented real time, web-based energy measurement technology is now available exclusively on the latest generation of RAPID Lighting Control Module (LCM) and DALI gateway pluggable and DIN rail variants from CP Electronics.

The new technology from CP Electronics – the market leader in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient lighting controls – monitors in real time the actual energy consumption, rather than a monitored average, of each luminaire connected to an LCM or RAPID system.

Measurements can also be provided by LCM, area, floor or even building, in multi-time and multi-date formats as required, providing total visibility for customers for periods from an hour to a year or even longer. Reports are then provided via a web-based reporting suite at the front-end PC.

Measurements available include meter reading (total or accumulated for each device), peak power, instantaneous power, and total on time, as well as total active energy and, crucially for organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, CO² emissions. Information is even available on total apparent energy, cost, current meter active power and current active power.

Rob Crookes of CP Electronics explained: “Driving down energy costs is central to business and organisational strategies and new ways are constantly being demanded by customers to identify exactly how and where their utility spend is going. Our new energy measurement technology identifies exactly what luminaires have been used and when – and, more importantly, how much energy each one is using. This creates a profile of the usage of lighting within a building and helps identify areas that could be more efficiently controlled. By showing sudden changes in the pattern of readings it is possible to identify a fault on a luminaire or device, enabling remedial action to be taken and costs minimised.”

Manufactured exclusively in the UK by CP Electronics, each system comes with a five-year warranty.

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