Electricians are often sole traders or owners of small companies, which requires a certain level of business knowledge. More often than not, however, electricians have no formal training or qualifications in business management. Third party help is available, especially when it comes to finance and accounting – but it’s always useful to get a good business acumen in order to run the most successful company possible.

To help with this, Schneider Electric have released a ‘Build My Business’ e-book full of handy tips and advice for electricians on setting up, running and growing an effective business.

At the beginning of the journey, the e-book can help with initial steps such as a business plan and getting the right insurance in place. When it’s time to finance the company, there’s advice on everything from budgeting and managing tax to collecting payment from customers.

With a new business, word of mouth can’t be relied upon to generate new custom. The e-book has tips on how to promote through digital means such as a strong website and email campaigns, as well as through more traditional direct mail.

Once the business is up and running, it’s time to consider things like customer etiquette. When meeting clients, how much thought should be put into tone of voice and body language? Should you always remove your shoes in someone’s home? Satisfied customers lead to recommendations, which lead to more business.

There are plenty of other tips too on how to grow an electrical company, from hiring apprentices to branching out into the smart home space. Customer demands are changing with advances in connected technology, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game in that area.

At Schneider Electric, we know that being an electrician is not just a job, it’s a craft. There is much more to master than the core electrical work, and we’re proud to support at every stage of the journey, from first steps to established success.

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