For the first time, CP Electronics has released an easy to fit green-i infrared programmable presence detector and infrared handset, together with a presence/absence detector for the electrical wholesaler market. This is the latest development in ongoing advances to the popular green-i range of energy controls.

Following continual investment into research and development at its London manufacturing facility, CP has developed a highly functional, infrared handset for its GEFL-IR presence detector, which is sold as part of its green-i range. Futhermore the new GEFL-PB-ABS detector delivers both presence and absence detection to the range for the first time, with easy push button set up, a streamlined design, and simple set-up for lux level.

The company sees these new additions as a natural progression for its green-i range, which continues to evolve in line with market demand. John Mercer, Product Manager at CP Electronics explained: “This is the first time we have added infrared control to our GEFL range, for the electrical wholesaler market, and as customers continue to demand presence/absence detection, we have developed the range to provide this functionalilty. This is a progression from the typical method used to add control to the GEFL range, which was to pull a detector out of the ceiling and configure it manually.

As LED lamps continue to grow in popularity, CP Electronics is consistently meeting market demand for more intelligent ways to control LED lighting with its green-i-products. The off-the-shelf range offers connection to products including lighting, heating and ventilation, detecting absence or presence depending on whether an area is occupied.

As lighting control becomes more important to electrical contractors, CP’s own team of dedicated R&D engineers, are continuing to improve the green-i range with fast installation and energy efficieny front-of-mind.

John Mercer explains how this is possible: “While many lighting control manufacturers are being forced to continually re-engineer their products on the shopfloor in order to pass on enhancements to customers, we are uniquely positioned to execute a continuous programme of R&D so that we can remain fully responsive to market demand. By manufacturing our products in-house, and in the UK, we can continue to fully support our British customer base.”


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