Fascia Graphics, the UK’s leading manufacturer of graphic overlays and membrane keypads, has often featured in Design Solutions for its ongoing investment in technology, resulting in an industry-wide reputation for product quality, excellent customer service, and fast lead times.

Fascia’s ongoing investment in its continuous improvement programme has been recognised across the sector, and this has led to the recent acquisition of the company by CCL Design UK, a global leader in the development and manufacture of design products, innovative labels, and industrial products.

CCL Design UK has extensive durable label manufacturing experience, including the latest flexographic and digital print capabilities used in the manufacture of a wide range of durable label products including Brand Protection; Print on Demand; UL approved; and High temperature labels for many applications.  The Company is part of CCL Industries, which operates across the globe, employing over 20,000 people. In addition to label’s and overlays, CCL’s extensive product portfolio includes – precision die-cut functional parts, device brand enhancement products, brand protection and authentication products, and coated films, materials and labelstock.

Fascia presently serves in excess of 800 customers both domestically and globally. Over the next few months the company will begin trading under the CCL name, and at the same time customers will receive access to additional products and capabilities through being part of the CCL group.

One example of CCL’s wide range of products, is its brand protection and security technology, which has been developed to combat the rising cost of counterfeiting. For instance, the US Federal Trade Commission estimates the global market for counterfeit automotive parts is approximately $12bn a year. The unhealthy growth in trade of fake auto parts not only leads to loss of revenue, it carriers risks to the safety of the end user and brand reputations of car makers.

This is the impact on just one global industry, when you consider the spread of counterfeiting across all industry sectors – it has never been more important to take the best preventative measures.

CCL works with brand owners to develop innovative ways to design labels, ranging from tamper evident box seals to highly complex multi-layer authentication labels.  Decorative brand labels double as both identifiers and functional anti-counterfeit solutions – by including both overt and covert security features built into the design. In short, products must remain easy to authenticate, but almost impossible to copy.


Some examples of these CCL products include:

Videomark – CCL’s highly overt security feature to fight counterfeiting

Videomark – which is a highly overt security feature that has several covert layers built in. To achieve this unique overt feature a photopolymer film is utilised in CCL’s bespoke manufacturing process, which allows it to create 3D images and depth that cannot be achieved with traditional Holographic techniques. As such there has been no successful attempts at copying the Videomark product by counterfeiters.


Security label – utilising CCL’s Invisible Fluorescence technology

Security Labels (Overt/Covert) – these range from a box seal to a label with up to 20 different overt and covert security features. CCL uses customised manufacturing equipment to produce complex products in volume, and all security labels are designed, developed, and manufactured within CCL’s secure facilities ensuring all materials are closely controlled.


Track & Trace – Secure Track is CCL Design’s own designed and developed proprietary track and trace intelligent printing solution. Secure Track was developed combining CCL Design’s world class capabilities in material sciences, printing, and system and software development, to create a solution that can be easily integrated to suit business needs.

SecureTrack was designed specifically for the printing of code management solutions. including serialisation. encrypted security codes and customised coding algorithms. It also provides complete traceability through the supply chain process and offers anti-counterfeit, brand protection and product verification capabilities.

CCL Design UK’s products are designed, developed, and manufactured within its secure facilities, ensuring all materials are closely controlled, and as a result there have been no successful attempts at copying its more advance products on the black market.

For further information on CCL Design’s brand protection and security technology, click here or email CCLDesignelectronics@cclind.com