Calex has the ideal non-contact sensors and alarm systems for the job.

Busbar Temperature Monitoring with Infrared Sensors

Temperature monitoring in power distribution cabinets is critically important for fire safety and preventative maintenance. Calex has the ideal temperature sensors and alarm systems for the job.

Fire hazard

As busbar joints degrade, they can overheat and cause a fire risk. By continuously monitoring the temperature of critical joints with a system of sensors and alarms, electrical faults that cause a build-up of heat can be caught quickly, and further damage prevented.

Accurate measurements

Infrared temperature sensors from Calex are the ideal solution. These UK-manufactured sensors detect the heat that is emitted by the busbars, and safely measure the temperature with 1°C accuracy without touching the surface of the conductor.

Simple installation

A small area of the busbar is painted to reduce reflections from the bare copper surface. The sensor is mounted a short distance away and aimed at this area.

Flexible interface options

Sensors with a choice of digital or analogue outputs are available for connection to existing hardware, or Calex can put together a standalone system of sensors with displays, logging, alarms, outputs and configuration capability. 

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