A new survey – ‘Annual Attitudes to UK Industry’ – has revealed that British adults do see the value of the country’s industrial heritage, and many think it’s still just as important as it ever was.

However, many still see manufacturing and engineering as low skilled sectors. As many as eight in ten said that manufacturing and industry should be given even greater importance and that the skills associated with industry are critical to the future of the workforce.

The research, conducted among 2,000 adults by Populus for industrial communications firm CadenceFisher, also found that just over seven in ten adults (72%) believe that realigning the economy to achieve a greater balance between the contribution of the industrial and service sectors is key to helping the country out of debt.

CadenceFisher’s CEO Dan Doherty explained, “There are many positive messages that come through loud and clear. It’s also apparent though that industry needs to continue to clear-up misconceptions that engineering and manufacturing are largely low skilled sectors. Too few people surveyed said they would actively encourage people to work in the sector, and we need to elevate industry’s status if we are to achieve the rebalance that many commentators say we need for our economic revival.”

The Annual Attitudes to UK Industry study will be a series of snapshot polls and in-depth research culminating in an annual report to be presented at an industry event. More information is available at www.attitudestoukindustry.co.uk