During the last decade Megaman has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and, more recently, the increasingly popular LED’s. The company is driven by a combination of innovative technologies, novel designs and a strong commitment to its customers but probably best known for its pioneering work on innovative new designs of CFL that enable replacement of less efficient light sources in a wide range of applications. 

Megaman offer a wide range of lamps including candle, golf ball, bulb-shaped CFLs, spotlights for direct replacement of halogen sources and high output fluorescent lamps for use in high bay and flood lighting and, of course, the LED Metal Halide replacement, the AR111 LED, the LED MR16 the LED reflector range.

Until relatively recently the application of LED light sources has been limited by their inability to match the brightness and colour rendering of other light sources. More recently, though, advances in LED technology have led to products entering the market that provide a direct retrofit for many other light sources, including spotlights. So, for example, a 7W LED lamp can now offer the same 600 candela luminous intensity as a 35W halogen lamp. Similarly, the colour tolerance of the more advanced lamps has been greatly improved. So, whereas poor quality LEDs may have a colour shift of as much as 400K, the better light sources have a tolerance of just 100K. And, of course, the lamp life is much longer – 50,000 hours for an LED light source compared to just 1,000 hours for a typical halogen lamp – so that maintenance costs are reduced.

With LED lamps, the key is to maximise light output and lumen maintenance with sound thermal management so at the heart of many of the company’s advances in LED technology is its exclusive patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology which, on the LED Metal Halide Replacement for example, makes use of a highway design across the reflector to dissipate heat efficiently, which minimises deterioration towards the LED chip and other components in the lamp. Megaman’s Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) has been designed to “heat drain” across the reflector that allows the LEDs to dissipate heat efficiently via the heat sink, and prevents deterioration of the LED multi-array and other components. Thus, the LED lamps are guaranteed high light output and lumen maintenance with efficient thermal management.

This technology is also used in the company’s AR111 lamps offers the most efficient LED lighting solution, with the benefits of efficient heat dissipation, better beam control, excellent optical efficiency, as well as low glare lighting. The AR111 LED has been added to Megaman’s rapidly expanding range of reflector lamps and, following ten years of research and development, these ground-breaking lamps are a direct replacement for halogen spots in terms of both colour temperature and intensity, whilst providing energy saving of up to 80%.

For standard MR16 applications, Megaman’s LED MR16 Reflector is compact, combining a GU5.3 compatible lamp cap with a beam angle of 36o to deliver a high quality, narrow spotlight effect. Using the Thermal Conductive HighwayTM technology, the LED MR16 offers a long life of 30,000 hours, which lowers maintenance costs whilst providing the highest possible luminance when compared to its halogen counterparts.

Another breakthrough for Megaman is PowerLens™, a technology unique to Megaman that provides a high luminous intensity that fulfils the EuP requirements of directional lamps. Added to the reflector range by Megaman, Powerlens™ offers excellent lighting effects combined with a light-optimising design.  Megaman’s CFL reflectors can now offer energy savings of up to 78% making the most effective eco-replacements for traditional halogen and incandescent lamps. With EuP Directives now stating a directional lamp has to deliver at least 80% of light output within the light cone with an angle less than 120°,  PowerLens™ has made a significant improvement in elevating the luminous intensity and narrowing the beam angle, thus providing a more focused light cone for highlighting features and décor.  Powerlens™ has been added to a wide range of Megaman lamps including Gu10, E27 and E14 reflectors.  

Offering excellent lighting effects combined with a light-optimising design, the Megaman CFL reflectors can now offer energy savings of up to 78%, making them the most effective eco-replacements for traditional halogen and incandescent lamps. As an example, Megaman’s GU10 11W reflector when powered with PowerLens™ increases luminous intensity by 13.6% with the beam angle reduced from 119° to 90°.

Megaman also pioneered the Ingenium™ Technology, which extends lamp life to 15,000 hours with quick start and a luminous efficacy 7% greater than conventional CFLs and has now been incorporated into a wide range of the company’s CFL’s.

As well as producing high quality energy saving lamps, Megaman is also passionately dedicated in enhancing quality of life and conserving the environment. Responsible environmental management is one of the company’s highest priorities, so that sustainability is built into every process from initial design right through to eventual disposal and recycling.