Leading Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd, has received an unprecedented number of enquiries following notice of the up and coming launch of its latest back-up power solution. Modular, scalable and flexible, The Primacy has broken efficiency boundaries, and it seems everyone in the data centre market has earmarked it as their UPS of choice.  

Designed exclusively by Borri S.p.A, The Primacy delivers unity output (kVA = kW),  complete power protection and delivers industry leading efficiency levels of up to 99.5 percent at half load.

As many manufacturers are still trying to break through the perceived “glass ceiling” of 95 percent whilst retaining high levels of protection, this impressive achievement by Borri is being hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in UPS development.

Scalable from 60kVA to 800kVA, The Primacy innovatively comprises three sophisticated modes of operation, which include Ultra High Efficiency (UHE), Active Filtering and Green Conversion. Its high-tech modular construction makes it not only the most efficient UPS solution on the market but also the most cost effective and adaptable.

This pioneering new UPS system cleverly allows end users to make investments based on their current power protection requirements and the flexible structure of The Primacy enables them to expand their existing infrastructure according to their future needs.

Historically data centre managers have had to deal with substantial outlay costs for large UPS units, which, in the early lifetime of the data centre, often run far below optimum load levels, which can result in costly inefficiencies. The modularity of The Primacy ensures the UPS system is always running in a high efficiency band so no energy is ‘wasted’.

Power modules come in 60kVA, 80kVA and 100kVA and for trouble-free maintenance can be accessed from the front of the unit and easily pulled out for servicing. This feature also provides valuable space saving advantages.

Another significant benefit for data centre operators is that there is no need to change electrical foundations and additional UPS modules can be integrated without the need to shut-down, allowing end users to effortlessly increase their power protection capabilities.

This highly advanced transformer free UPS solution delivers the highest levels of efficiency in UHE mode, where it can operate in complete silence with natural cooling. UHE mode is activated when the quality of the mains is within the functioning parameters set by the user, and unlike other high efficiency UPS systems, The Primacy gives the user total control.

A Green Conversion mode provides an additional layer of power protection and ensures maximum control and separation between the supply line and the load, where power is entirely supplied by the inverter and whilst benefiting from all the functionalities of on-line double conversion mode, the UPS is completely isolated from the mains voltage.

An intelligent Active Filter mode capable of achieving up to 98 percent efficiency has been designed to safeguard against any disruptions to the mains, load harmonic distortion, reactive power and fluctuations in input supply voltages, and offers a third layer power protection to react directly to any power input disturbances.

Reinforced by new IGBT technology, this advanced modulation system and transformer free technology guarantees a highly efficient power conversion. As the power supply returns within the minimum functioning parameters set by the user, the inverter will instruct the UPS to revert back to UHE mode from both the Green and Active Filter modes.

The popularity of modular, scalable UPS systems has continued to rise and the Primacy’s debut has been timed perfectly to meet the burgeoning demand for more cost effective and flexible solutions.

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