Nordson EFD precision dispensing systems deliver consistent and reliable deposits that improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical assembly processes.

Operator-controlled, microprocessor-based dispensers improve productivity in benchtop assembly processes, while valve systems increase yields in automated and semi-automated operations.  

By integrating screw feed technology with precise control of dispense time, syringe pressure and auger speed, the 794 Series auger valve system ensures consistent fluid deposits without damage to particles within the fluid.

The auger valve is available with two motor types. Brush motors are best for lines and stripes and deposit cycle rates under 60-90 shots per minute. Brushless motors are best for high-speed, high cycle rate microdot applications.

The 794 Series auger valves are designed for use with the controllers, or Nordson EFD dispensing robots, that combine precision dispensing and accurate positioning functions into one fully integrated, compact tabletop unit to produce the right deposit in the right place—every time. These systems offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for dispensing adhesives, sealants, solder pastes and other assembly fluids.

Nordson EFD can also offer solder paste formulations to meet the most stringent application requirements in the electronics industry for reliable process control, resulting in increased throughput and first-pass yields.

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