Auto-disconnect facility

  • Designed for hazardous areas
  • Automatic IP66/IP67 water- and dust-tight sealing
  • Integrated load-break switch
  • Robust and compact design
  • High-performance GR housing

New for hazardous areas

MARECHAL ELECTRIC has developed a self-ejecting explosion-proof version of its DXN DECONTACTOR™ watertight connectors. This DXN connection automatically disconnects when tension is applied to the power cable enhancing site safety. Rated for operation up to 63A, the DXN decontactors feature Marechal’s patented, integral load-break switch. In addition to the standard versions, the range now offers either self-ejecting plugs from fixed sockets or self-ejecting coupler sockets  from fixed inlets.


This unique solution is currently used on lifeboats operating from off-shore oil rigs. It can also be used for applications in hazardous areas where there is a danger of mobile plant or equipment being physically moved before first being disconnected from the mains supply

eg food vessels.


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