With the development of alternative energy sources to power our world, the need for power electronics is increasing. High power conversion requires high switching frequency, resulting in increased junction temperatures that require materials that can withstand higher operating temperatures. Techsil’s supplier Momentive, offers a range of silicone products that can be used in power electronic devices.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from systems and processes, lowering a dependence on fossil fuels, and using energy more efficiently are trends leading to the increased use of power electronics.  In the automotive industry, moving away from the traditional fuel engine has opened the door for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). Cost efficiency, miniaturization of high-performance components, and multiple system integration has led to higher operating temperatures. Momentive silicones have been shown to be key enablers of this technology trend, due to temperature stability, dielectric strength and low modulus. Momentive is developing silicone products to withstand a wider range of operating temperatures as compared to epoxies, while still providing the needed protection for sensitive electronic components.

Thermal Materials
Momentive’s thermal materials dissipate heat from critical components. Many can be cured with heat or at room temperature. Thermal greases offer re-workable options and low oil bleed to provide stable thermal performance across wide temperature ranges.

To meet manufacturing needs, Momentive offers both one and two component gels with a variety of viscosities and curing mechanisms to allow for varying times and temperatures. Some gels are thermally stable to 200°C and provide protection from external shock and vibration, dielectric protection and a dampening effect for components.

Condensation (Moisture) Cure Adhesives
Momentive’s condensation cure adhesives cure at room temperature to form a strong bond to most plastic and metal substrates. They offer short tack free times that may contribute to productivity in high volume manufacturing

Addition (Heat) Cure Adhesives
Momentive’s addition (heat) cure adhesives form a strong bond to most plastic and metal substrates and seal against moisture and environmental contaminants. Flexible cure conditions offer options for cure temperatures and for cure times.

For more information contact Momentive’s Authorised Distributors Techsil Ltd. Email: technical@techsil.co.uk www.techsil.co.uk