HARTING’s Han-Modular® is a hybrid connector solution created using a combination of different modules. These individual modules can be combined with others to make up a bespoke single connector. The modular combinations of these connectors are extremely versatile and easy to design, providing a flexible solution for installations in factories, machines and other applications. The modules themselves can vary in each connector and its equivalent transmission media, all depending on your requirements. Power, signal, data and even Processed Compressed Air can be transmitted conjointly through the interface of just one housing or hood.

For a permanent stable hold, the modules are loaded into hinged frames and placed in a HARTING housing/hood for protection in ruggedised industrial environments. These then create one compact and multipurpose connector solution.

Within the Han-Modular® range there is a choice of several different products, so you can be sure of finding the ideal connector solution for your requirements. Han-Eco® is particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications as it is durable and can withstand harsh conditions. It also benefits from a quick, tool-less assembly process. Han® HPR is typically used for external electrical interconnections in harsh, dynamic environments, such as railways and rail vehicles, when safety-critical applications are essential. Han® Standard is often employed within the automobile and mechanical engineering industries, as it is adept at coping with demanding manufacturing environments.

The new Han® Configurator

As we have seen, the Han-Modular® range is ideal for creating bespoke connector solutions. However, if you’d like to avoid numerous combination options and speed up the selection process, the new and improved Han® Configurator is the perfect solution for you.

The Han® Configurator is an online tool that allows you to design and build a connector that meets your exact requirements, based on the Han® portfolio. You start by selecting three inputs (contacts, voltage and current) to generate the first possible solution. At each stage of the process you can receive suggestions for alternative interfaces and the smart assistant feature will only allow you to apply valid configurations, saving valuable design time.

You’ll benefit from an onscreen 3D visualisation of the current configuration, meaning you can view your creation from a range of angles. In addition, you can download all documentation with a single click (including STP files) and quickly save, load and share your configurations within a team, ideal if you’re working remotely or in a different location from your colleagues.

So if you’d like to benefit from a fast, efficient configuration process with a host of additional functions, click here to try the new Han® Configurator! Be inspired and discover new solutions.