What’s the value of quality to you?

This year BASEC launched a series of Cable Quality seminars designed for those who are involved in projects where cable installations are key to the successful operation of their facilities.

Often the requirements of cable are overlooked or left until last, as typically electrical wiring is the last installation on a construction site.

Sadly, it often takes a tragedy before questions are raised about the impact of poor-quality building materials. As cables are commonly the cause of fire, BASEC is keen to raise awareness and promote good practices for those responsible in the specification of these products. Educating the construction industry plays a pivotal part in ensuring that any potential risks of fire to building inhabitants are minimised.

The sessions will focus on understanding the implications of poor-quality cable the outcomes of fire testing and more – relevant especially to those working across the supply chain; from specifiers, consultants, architects, purchasing, to the main contractor, end users and installers themselves. The session will also include a tour around the Tratos cable manufacturing plant, an opportunity for many consultant and end users to see exactly what is involved in the production processes and how independent cable testing and certification ties in to this.

With safety now at the forefront of everything we do, do not miss your opportunity to learn more about cable safety.

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 – register for your place now at www.basec.org.uk/events

Time: 10: 00 15: 30 Venue : Tratos Factory Randles Road Knowsley Prescot L 34 9HX