HBM is hosting a free drop-in event for automotive design and test engineers to highlight ways of improving the efficiency of hybrid drives by correctly capturing and analysing all relevant test data. The event will be at The Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire on Wednesday, 18th July from 9 am to 3 pm.

Notes Jonathan Green, HBM’s Senior Sales Engineer, “The aim is to create a casual event that will encourage engineers and anyone else interested in this developing and exciting area of automotive technology to come along and learn something new.”

The highlight of the event is a free BBQ although the technological centrepiece is HBM’s My Car. This vehicle is fitted with a comprehensive rage of instrumentation enabling the capture and analysis of different data.

There will be several stands exploring in-depth solutions for capturing data from the mechanical and electrical components found in a variety of hybrid drives ranging from parallel hybrids through to fuel cell vehicles. Adds Green, “It is all about the ability to capture and analyse different data easily so as to calculate and improve the efficiency of hybrid drives”.

Several end users will speak about specific applications while HBM’s experienced and skilled team of sales engineers will be on hand to provide additional information and advice. Topics that will be covered during the day will include measuring the efficiency of hybrid electric drive systems accurately using HBM’s eDrive system. Other topics include the importance of upgrading DAQ systems and the need for managed obsolescence. 

Several products from HBM’s comprehensive and integrated range of DAQ equipment will be displayed including the new QuantumX MX1615 rugged strain gauge bridge amplifier. The amplifier is insensitive to electromagnetic and thermal interference resulting from converters, high currents, electric machines or temperature effects. HBM will also demonstrate its nCode Large-scale Customer Usage Monitoring Programme for Hybrid Vehicles.

For more information see http://www.hbm.com/en/menu/seminars/uk-technology-days-2012/in-car-technology/