Power engineering company EA Technology has developed a range of flexible modular training solutions for the power sector that can be tailored to address specific skill requirements.

Covering core power engineering disciplines, EA Technology’s range of structured modular training courses are adaptable for different roles and competence levels. Employers can utilise the modules to form the basis of bespoke workforce learning for internal technical staff and post apprenticeship learning programmes, power industry conversion courses or graduate development.

Designed to support employees’ managed transition from one competence level to another, they provide the knowledge and understanding required for progression and enhanced productivity in these roles.

With looming skills shortages and uncertainties over the economic outlook, it is more important than ever for the power sector to invest in their employees. However, delivering structured, in-house training programmes places a huge strain on operational resources and can often be disjointed or have gaps as a result.

Outsourced managed training programmes can offer companies a more systematic and direct approach to achieving workforce development objectives. It enables organisations to cost effectively increase their training capacity and the timescales in which they can deliver learning outcomes.

The flexible nature of the EA Technology’s programmes allows employers to specify a mix of modules and the outcomes they require to meet their employee’s specific training needs. The courses available can help to provide a quicker way for businesses to develop essential skill sets within their internal workforces and meet strategic operational objectives.

The courses address a range of subjects such as, network planning, power systems protection, substation plant & equipment, project management, cables technology and asset management amongst others.

Intended to specifically address individual organisational needs, each programme is constructed to work in coordination with in-house training resources and can complement existing internal development programmes.

In order to achieve the best results, EA Technology also offers benchmark assessments to test the level of understanding of the training provided, which allows employees to monitor the progress of candidates. In addition, these appraisals are used to help individuals’ work through any areas of weakness to ultimately achieve 100% progression.

The company’s head of training, Steven McIntosh commented, “The Power Skills Centre now offers over 40 individual specialist engineering courses and 16 technical and professional development modules. Whilst our scheduled courses have attracted over 1,000 delegates in the last year, we are now seeing a huge demand for more integrated programmes.

“Modular programmes are developed by EA Technology in close partnership with our customers in order to dovetail into their existing training resource to provide specialist knowledge and any missing elements required. By adopting this flexible and unique customised method, we deliver extremely focused training that addresses the skills areas which are of importance to our customers. This means that training time is used as efficiently as possible.”