November’s Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) in London saw Thamesgate exhibiting for the first time and showing the latest digital voltage stabilisers and power factor correction systems from Ortea SpA.

The UK is going through a period of unprecedented change in terms of energy management and there are fairly regular news updates on the potential for power cuts, mostly due to the National Grid using some of its balancing measures to ensure the lights stay on. The UK’s ageing electrical infrastructure does feature an increasing renewables base from which to draw power and, over the next few years, energy storage at grid and distributed levels will be more prevalent before eventually the grid becomes more reliant on nuclear energy as new Chinese-built power stations come on line.

Ortea’s product range is concerned with power protection and energy saving when the mains supply is present. In the UK, large-scale energy users can be charged by the District Network Operators (DNOs)/supply companies for Reactive Power. This is a form of power that is required just to keep certain loads energised and is drawn from the grid. Power factor correction systems can be installed to reduce/remove this charge and Ortea’s systems are some of the most technically advanced, competitive and reliable available within Europe.

While uninterruptible power supplies are always considered as a first choice power protection device, they are sometimes not as robust for industrial and harsh electrical environments as voltage stabilisers. Ortea is a world leader in voltage stabilisation products with systems running from 1kVA to 3MW and beyond. There are applications in the industrial and medical fields where a UPS system may be too complex or cannot provide the level of mains power protection required. Ortea also supplies the voltage stabilisers as voltage optimisers and Thamesgate is now one of the UK’s leading voltage optimiser maintainers within the retail sector.

Nick Watkins, managing director of Thamesgate Group, commented, “The EMEX show delivered for Thamesgate. We had some great interest in our voltage optimisers and power factor correction systems over the two days and have already booked follow-up site surveys with some key clients.”

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