Paul Bennett, Managing Director of Fascia Graphics explains how the company he founded in 1994 stays at the forefront of the graphic overlay and membrane keypad industry…

For over twenty years Fascia Graphics’ ethos has remained consistent: to be a British manufacturer of the highest quality products, to offer outstanding customer service, and to continually improve. Expansion, growth and improvement have continued year on year, ensuring that we have flourished even in times of recession.

The core of the business is the design and manufacture of membrane keyboards, graphic overlays, labels and other industrial graphic applications. Whilst screen-printing is the primary manufacturing activity, Fascia also offers customers large format digital printing, rapid prototyping, reel-to-reel printing and lithographic, hot-foil, and the etching and anodising of nameplates and other metal based products.

Fascia’s reputation has been built largely on our top quality products, excellent customer service and fast lead times at extremely competitive prices. As a sign of the quality products we produce, we are both ISO 9001:2008 and UL PGDQ2 accredited.

We believe the key to our success centres around three main components:


Investing in Technology

To produce a quality product you have to invest in the right equipment. To achieve this we invested over £1million into two Sakurai MS80-SD servo-driven cylinder presses, becoming the only manufacturer in the UK keypad and overlay industry to use this technology. In addition to the increased productivity and product quality, the installation of the line also reduced the company’s carbon footprint. During the specification process the drying solution was designed to utilise heat exchange units, drastically reducing the energy consumption.

This ground-breaking solution is typical of Fascia’s forward thinking approach to manufacturing. Whilst many companies have chosen to consolidate and some even to retreat, Fascia has continued to invest heavily in our technology and staff. The installation has been so successful that we were invited by FESPA UK to present at their ‘Screen Printing Now’ conference – illustrating how cutting-edge our approach to manufacturing is.


Expert Knowledge

Having the right technology is one thing, but having the expertise to realise its full potential is critical. Investing in staff is a key philosophy for Fascia, developing people through training and nurturing talent through apprenticeships ensures quality throughout the production process.

By fostering close relationships with our suppliers we have managed to develop innovative products. We have brought to the market membrane keypads and graphic overlays that inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, mould and mildew, such as MRSA and EColi, perfect for use on medical equipment.


Customer Service

We’re nothing without our customers, and their loyalty is a direct result of our commitment to providing excellent customer service by sticking to three simple rules. Listen to your customers’ questions and concerns, ensuring that any problem is fully understood, so solutions can be found. Efficient response times are essential. No customer wants to wait hours or days for a response to their enquiries. And last but not least, don’t make promises you can’t keep.


For further information on Fascia Graphics, visit, or call 0800 0323080, or email