An Industry First: The Only UK Supplier to Combination Test its Arc Flash Protection Hazardwear

Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is the only supplier in the safety industry to utilise combination testing to increase the level of protection provided by its hazardwear. The ArcoPro Flame Retardant (FR) range offers a collection of technical garments designed and tested to ensure safety, even in the most hazardous working environments. To help customers understand the complex combinations required to increase the level of Arc Flash protection provided by their garments, the safety company has also launched a new online Product Selection tool.

Arc Flash, also known as Electrical Arching, is the result of electrical currents that flow through a gap between conductors or insulation, causing sparks, fire and even explosions. Most accidents occur due to workers functioning live equipment when thought to be inactive, or when workers do not have sufficient training or appropriate equipment to prevent injury. These accidents can severely injure workers and can have fatal consequences.

Arco has conducted two sets of tests on the ArcoPro range, which includes base layers, mid layers, workwear, and weather protection, both on individual garments and in combinations. The test results clearly show the benefits of layering the garments to achieve a higher level of protection for the wearer; demonstrated by the online Selection Tool, created by Arco. The Selection Tool enables users to determine what layering combinations provide the level of protection they require. The tool provides two alternatives: customers can either enter the CAL rating required for their determined application enabling the tool to display combinations that meet or exceed that rating, or customers can select individual garments from the range to build up a layering system.

In addition to the Selection Tool, Arco has developed an Expert Guide to Arc Flash Protection designed to present the range of products which offer protection against the threat of arc flash, show the combinations of protective layers, and explain how to quantify the Arc rating of a protective garment. The guide also includes details of up-to-date EN Standards and the key product features and benefits.

Richard Sansom, Product and Procurement Manager at Arco said: “Assessing Arc Flash risk and choosing the right protective garments is imperative in protecting workers and saving lives when accidents happen. It’s crucial that employers supply protective clothing and PPE that conform to industry standards and perform competently, eliminating potential fatalities. We test all ArcoPro FR hazardwear garments to IEC 61482, ensuring the highest possible protection for wearers against heat and flame.”


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