Wieland Electric’s new wiecon 7060 SMD (Surface Mount Device) offers a PCB terminal in a 2.5mm grid dimension and an overall height of just 4.14mm that makes it extremely compact. Available in black or white colour options, this PCB terminal is also incredibly powerful with a current load capacity of 9A and a voltage of up to 320V that belies its compact proportions. Wieland’s push-in connection technology enables rigid conductors and conductors with wire end ferrules to be directly connected and easily detached with a flat head screwdriver with a 1mm blade width. Integrated test connections allow for quick testing of the electrical connection and the terminals are tested and certified by both the VDE and UL. 

The wiecon 7060 SMD PCB terminal is ideally suited to mechanical engineering thanks to its reduced size and is particularly useful for applications where space on the circuit board is at a premium but an efficient, safe connection technology is still of the utmost importance. The terminal is available in 1- to 8-pin versions and as ‘tape on reel’ for quick and fully automatic retrieval. Alongside the 7060 SMD, Wieland Electric offers two other new PCB terminals with a push-in connection, namely the 8562 TOP H and the 8562 N.