London, 25 March 2013: Havells has recently launched a new range of MMUs (Meter Management Units) to address the increasing need for easy-to-install, and fully MID approved products. Fully compliant with all UK and EU regulations, the Havells MMU range will be welcomed by electricians and electrical engineers, as well as building owners and managers involved with metering upgrades to electrical installations.

MMUs utilise compact split core CTs which are ideally suited to retrofit applications where it is often difficult to disconnect supply cables of existing installations. This facility potentially limits any down time associated where the electrical supply must be isolated to install the energy meter. The IP65 enclosure is ideal for many applications and has preformed glanding points for easy cable entry.

Part L2 of the Building Regulations and the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), has fundamentally changed how electrical systems for buildings are designed and installed. Now, at least 90% of energy consumption in a building larger than 500m2 must be accounted for and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued. The new Havells range of MMUs ensure a fully compliant installation and the range includes MID approved meters ensuring end customers are legally covered for reliable tenant billing as laid out in MID.

Mike Lawrence, UK Marketing Manager at Havells says: “Energy saving is a top priority for many organisations but many of the metering solutions on the market fail to deliver the meaningful information that allows informed energy management decisions to be made. Our new MMU range fills the gap in the market and is suitable for both new and retrofit installations.”

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