Marshall-Tufflex is the UK’s leading manufacturer of PVC-U cable management products including innovative antimicrobial trunking, to route and contain cables.

Marshall-Tufflex offer two systems as part of their standard range that contain ‘Bio technology’, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements of the building; Odyssey and Sterling Curve Profile 1. These were recently supplied to the NHS for the new emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The manufacturing process for these antimicrobial trunking systems uses a silver ion solution throughout the product, ensuring that 99.9% of harmful bacteria, (including MRSA), will not survive on the surface. Even if these become scratched or damaged, the active ingredients will continue to help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), making it the ideal specification for use in hospital, healthcare and medical environments where control of infection is critical.

Odyssey Bio is a three-compartment trunking system with a completely curved front profile designed with tamper resistant covers and fittings. Odyssey’s curved profile is easy to clean and prohibits surface clutter.

Sterling Curve Profile 1 is a sleek data compliant medium-sized dado trunking system with three segregated compartments. The curved data compartments are designed to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and to make cleaning easy.

Marshall-Tufflex is a British, family-owned company with their Head Office and manufacturing facility in Hastings and distribution depots in Watford and Manchester. For more than 75 years, Marshall-Tufflex has been pioneering plastic extrusion in the UK and leading the way in areas of product research, development and innovation, especially when it comes to using recycled material.

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