For facilities managers in any industry with a need for back-up power, the importance of generator maintenance cannot be underestimated. Downtime can be costly, and in many cases, mission critical.

According to national statistics, it has been estimated that a single hour of downtime costs a small business an average of £800 and a large commercial organisation £8,500. This is before any costs for repairing damaged IT and associated equipment are taken into account.

Power failures are usually not predictable and an extended blackout period can cause huge financial losses to businesses. This is why it is so important to implement a regular servicing contract that can help identify any issues before they become a major problem.

At PPSPower we have recently launched two specific types of service contract for generator maintenance- Red and Green service packages, both designed to be cost effective and scaled to your business’s requirements.

Why choose a PPSPower maintenance contract?

With both contracts we usually carry out visits twice a year if your generator is there for emergency standby operations – one minor and one major visit.

The minor service visit consists of 56 checks, which includes:

  • A 32-point engine and fuel system check. This visit covers topping up levels, taking and reporting readings and inspecting for leaks. Cleaning key areas to ensure efficiency and tightening and greasing accordingly.
  • A 24-point battery, control panel and alternator system check. Batteries are greased with vital readings recorded and reported for safety. The control panel checks ensure strong connectivity and response. The alternator checks are designed to prevent issues with connectivity and stability.
  • Our engineer will also check the environment in which the generator is located and report accordingly.

On a major service visit, we carry out all of the above again and also replace the oil and fuel filters to help extend the life of these liquids and mitigate damage to the engine.

The savings that can be made using our maintenance contracts can be vast. For example, on a standard 1000 kVa back-up generator, the annual cost of an oil changing contract (including two visits) can be around £2,320, compared to just £878 for two visits as part of PPSPower’s Green contract.

Our Green contract covers all other points of a recommended industry standard guide (and more) apart from the six monthly oil change. 

Stephen Peal, Managing Director of PPSPower, says:

“FM bid managers should be very cautious when stating that pricing returns should be submitted in line with specific legislation and challenge insurance companies accordingly. They would be better to advise that maintenance is carried out in line with closer bespoke solution, a specialist in this field or manufacturers’ recommendations as these are often more realistic.

“It is important that proper risk analysis is carried out to ensure the maintenance regime is appropriate for the site the back-up solution is supporting. If you only consider cost/environmental savings you run the risk of becoming non-conformant.”

Once consulted, PPSPower’s service team works with the client to understand their needs and provide them with a tailored solution that is both cost effective and reliable.

The engineers make recommendations based on what the right approach for the business, as they know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to generator maintenance and are exceptionally flexible when it comes to the right maintenance regime for you and your end client.

Sherburn-in-Elmet-based PPSPower provides generator and UPS services nationally for companies such as UNITE, Tesco, Kiely Bros, Menzies Distribution and several of the UK’s police forces. These organisations place trust in the firm’s dedicated engineering teams to provide absolute reliability to their power sources, and their trust continues to be rewarded.

The introduction of the firm’s new service contract offering has resulted in a series of contract wins for customers in a variety of sectors, ranging from sports stadia to hospitals and utilities providers to hotel chains.

PPSPower’s flexible approach to generator and back-up power support coupled with its customer-centric approach has seen it become of the UK’s most respected names in the power industry.

With the launch of its Green Service contract offering it can now also argue it is one of the most sustainable and cost effective as well.

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