As you’ll know, we’ve been supplying cable protection solutions for more than 40 years, and we’re more than a little proud of it.

Supplying the world’s most discerning businesses, and working on some innovative and ground-breaking projects making massive strides in 21st century technology – Solar Impulse and the Gotthard Base Tunnel included – we’ve paved the way for the most secure, resilient cable protection available.

To-date, we supply over 6,000 products to thousands of businesses operating over several different industries across the global, including; railway infrastructure, food & beverage, automation, ship building, and telecommunications.

But why is cable protection important, and why is it necessary in so many different industries?

  1. Health & Safety: the big one. Health & safety of staff is a massive contributing factor to cable protection, particularly in factory and warehouse settings. Cable protection solutions not only keep cables together, reducing the risks of trips and slips, but also keep wires and cables free from water-damage, harmful chemicals that may cause fires or explosions, and electrical shortages.
  2. Rats, mice, and curious creatures: particularly when outside, cables are exposed to wildlife; rodents and bugs of every description who just want to gnaw through the wires to see what’s inside or use the contents for nesting materials. Little animals with big teeth can do a lot of damage to unprotected cables! And damaged cables lead to malfunctioning railway lines, broken automation, and even fires & explosions.
  3. Weather-proofing: exposed cables are vulnerable to the elements; extreme temperatures, bright sunshine, snow, and rain. Prolonged and direct exposure to difficult weather conditions can lead to premature aging, splits & tears, dents, holes, and frozen conduits, alongside lots of water-damage (we all know water and electricity don’t mix!). And you can probably work out what this all leads to – malfunctioning and broken equipment which is not only dangerous, but expensive to replace.
  4. Efficiency & economy: where unprotected cables lead to malfunction and broken equipment, well-protected cables reduce these risks; leading to a massive reduction in costs as equipment doesn’t need to be replaced and repaired nearly as often, and safe, stable equipment can be relied upon for longer.
  5. Innovation: when businesses don’t have to worry or spend their time and valuable resources repairing & replacing existing equipment due to easily avoidable damage, they can spend that time and money developing innovative news ways of making the world an even better place to live. This one we like very much!

So… there we have it; just 5 of the hundreds of reasons why we, and our clients, think cable protection is important.

Cable protection not only protects the cables themselves, but the people working alongside those cables; ensuring working and leisure environments are secure, and risk free; improving efficiency, and supportive innovation. It really is the lifeblood of some of the world’s most exciting industries!

For further product info or for help and advice on all cable protection solutions visit the ABB PMA website or contact via e-mail