Accuracy of the measurement chain

Measurement is crucial to reducing power consumption. But all too often, when faced with a choice of measurement solutions, the user focuses on the accuracy of the measuring device (PMD*), forgetting to take into account the accuracy of its sensors. But the accuracy of measurement is inextricably linked to the accuracy of the overall chain, i.e. the PMD and its associated sensors. This is especially important in an Energy Efficiency project, the success of which relies on the ability to provide relevant analysis of the electrical system measurement data.


Take control of your energy costs

For the efficient management of energy costs, Socomec’s Diris Digiware accurately measures and centrally monitors energy consumption – across the entire estate.  Delivering an advanced understanding of sites, buildings and process, Digiware can provide accurate data that helps target reduction of energy consumption and associated costs and emissions – for optimum efficiency.

Within MV/LV substations, low voltage monitoring can detect imbalances and anomalies in real time, including possible backfeed, unplanned events and temperature variation.


A new level of performance

A  fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept, with a common display for multi-circuit systems, Digiware is compact and quick to install, and provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality.  Infinitely scalable, it is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

Socomec’s Diris Digiware system offers an accuracy of class 0.5 to IEC61557-12 from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary rating. 

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