Specifiers working on ward upgrades at a leading South-West hospital required a cable management solution that met the cleanliness and durability requirements of the ward environment coupled with the capacity and flexibility to deliver bed-head services.

Facilities managers at Barnstaple’s North Devon District Hospital, a high performing hospital, had also requested that the trunking system installed was metal, further narrowing specification choices. Marshall-Tufflex’s Sterling Aluminium 3002 in white delivered the ideal solution.

Andy Scourfield, of specifiers M&E Masters, Barnstaple, said: “We had to choose a trunking solution suitable for the medical environment. In other wards at the hospital PVC trunking has been used but for the most recent upgrades the hospital stipulated metal for its enhanced hygienic properties. The other big plus point of Sterling was price; it presented the most economically viable solution compared with other products of its type.

“We’re big supporters of Marshall-Tufflex at M&E Masters. It’s the first time we’ve used Sterling Aluminium 3002 but for the right application, it’s definitely something we’d use again,” added Mr Scourfield.

Sterling Trunking 3002 comprises three separate compartments, each with its own individual cover making it ideal for the multiple services required on a hospital bed head – lighting, communication and patient monitoring equipment for example.

Why aluminium?
Aluminium cable containment is an excellent choice for areas that need a mechanically robust trunking solution that is also hygienic, for example hospitals, laboratories and industry; particularly where a high quality of screening performance and security is required. Light to handle, strong and impact-resistant, aluminium trunking offers attractive profiles with a high quality, powder-coat finish providing a blemish-resistant surface. The fact aluminium is lightweight means less strain on supporting structures, easier handling and reduced transport costs. For projects concerned with sustainability, aluminium is 100% recyclable. It also withstands high temperatures, with a melting point of 655°C.