JCE Group have recently received IECEx certification for their range of products including actuators, pilot lights, GUB and EJB enclosures along with all their customised solutions. This accreditation allows for the development of global Ex solutions (ATEX/IECEx) for any project a client may have.

As an international company, JCE Group specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance control systems for applications where both hazardous and non-hazardous conditions exist. From key locations they provide a comprehensive service to all their customers across a broad spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, on and offshore petrochemical, fuel storage, sewage/water treatment, defence, distillation, installation, and manufacturing plants.

With unrivalled technical experience and expertise, their highly qualified engineering and manufacturing staff offer solutions to meet each individual clients’ specifications. This includes the design and manufacture of control systems which meet the requirements of hazardous areas for gas zones 1 & 2 and dust zones 21 & 22. Solutions are fully ATEX/IECEx compliant and can be adjusted to suit differing international standards. From small isolators and motor starters to complex control packages, JCE has acquired diverse capabilities to ensure high customer satisfaction levels with products and systems that perform to exceptional levels.

Their renewable energy division, JCE Energy, designs and manufactures control systems for use with solar, wind, wave, biochemical power and other renewable energy sources. A range of products have been developed including the Solar Power Pod which can be used in zone 1 & 2 locations and is suited for safe areas.

JCE Group strives to deliver customised products developed to the highest standards to successfully fulfil and exceed the expectations of each client.


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