Where do Engineers look for thermistors when designing in sensors either in new or existing products?

ATC Semitec have recently launched a sample case which features their most popular NTC Thermistors. Visual and tactile – engineers can quickly identify the best mechanical fit before considering temperature ranges, accuracy level, speed of response etc.

Initially developed to help heating engineers make the best choice of thermistor in response to the Eco Design Directive (2009/125/EC) and Energy Labelling Regulations (811/2013), it has been found to be helpful with product specification in a number of other industries.

These NTC thermistors form part of a larger range of thermal components which are supplied to the UK manufacturing industry. ATC Semitec with 20 years’ experience in the thermal controls industry will work with you to design the most suitable temperature sensor, creating bespoke solutions when required.

For one of our Semitec NTC thermistor sample case, samples or information, please contact our sales team on 01606 871680 or visit our website on atcsemitec.co.uk