A new vibration data collection and analysis service has been launched by condition monitoring company,  Sensonics, to benefit plant users and to help customers minimise down-time and maximise productivity.

The company will use its experience of installing and calibrating fixed vibration monitoring equipment over the last 30 years to offer customer advise and best practice on a continual basis.

Where no fixed machine condition monitoring system is available (or is impractical) for critical plant, Sensonics recommend that periodic (typically monthly) vibration data collection should be implemented to monitor and trend the operational condition of machinery. Offline analysis by the company’s vibration experts can then identify faults and impending failures which enables the scheduling of maintenance to minimise down-time and loss of productivity.

The advantage of this new service is that no upfront capital investment is required to add regular monitoring to a customer’s machinery and plant equipment as Sensonics’ trained engineers provide the necessary equipment and analysis software.



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