Megger has launched its new SMRT1 smart protective relay which is well suited for testing older installations and legacy power plants, and also for meeting the future challenges associated with testing the Smart Grid and installations that use the IEC 61850 substation bus.

Weighing just 4kg, the SMRT Power Box is specifically designed to test protective relays that are used in conjunction with CTs having 1A and 5A secondaries.

The instrument has a one current output channel, plus one convertible channel that can be configured as either a voltage or current output. This makes it possible, for example, to test single-phase current differential relays. With second, third, and fifth harmonic output capability the unit can also test the harmonic restraint feature of differential relays.

Its design allows the SMRT1 to deliver the high power in both the voltage and current channels needed for high burden applications, such as testing electromechanical relays. The Constant Power Output of the current amplifier produces a compliance voltage of 50Vrms at 4A (200VArms), and maintains 200VA output power up to 30A. Of equal benefit is high current output capability – the SMRT1 current amplifier can deliver 30A continuous, and up to 60A for short durations for instantaneous overcurrent test applications.

To facilitate panel testing and the testing of electromechanical protection relays that demand a higher current voltage source, the high constant power output is also available from the new PowerVä voltage amplifier.

The instrument incorporates an Ethernet port as standard that can be used to interconnect multiple SMRT units creating a 3-phase test set, or for connecting to IEC 61850 substation bus systems.

The SMRT1 can be controlled using a laptop or manually with the optional Smart Touch View InterfaceTM (STVI). The STVI, with its large full colour high resolution touchscreen, allows users to perform manual, steady state and dynamic tests quickly and easily. For fully automated testing, the SMRT1 is supplied as standard with AVTS, Megger’s visual test software package.


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