Riello UPS has scooped a 2013 global Frost & Sullivan award for ‘product leadership’.

After analysis of the UPS market, the judges at Frost & Sullivan were impressed with Riello UPS’ product designs which provide a combination of various features and functionalities, instead of focusing on one single feature.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the ‘product leadership’ award to the company which has demonstrated innovation in product features and functionality to provide enhanced quality and higher value for its customers.

Riello UPS is the UK subsidiary of Italian-based Riello UPS RPS, and in the last decade has established itself as one of the key players in the energy and power protection market with products ranging from powering small desktop PCs to advanced data centres in banks, hospitals, airports and almost anywhere a continuous electrical supply is critical.

Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Gautham Gnanajothi said, “The three key aspects that have stoked the high acceptance of Riello’s products in the global market are performance, reliability and service.

“Riello UPS employs a sophisticated self diagnostic system in its UPS which makes problem identification extremely simple. Furthermore, the overall architecture and design of Riello’s UPS allows technicians to repair or replace the PC boards and any other components quickly and easily.”

UK general manager of Riello UPS, Leo Craig said, “Receiving this accolade from Frost & Sullivan is a great honour and testament to Riello’s quality products and technical excellence. At Riello we are highly focused on technological innovation to ensure all of our products meet the evolving needs of our customers offering them high levels of resiliency, energy efficiency and improved TCO.

“Recent examples of innovative products include the SuperCaps UPS which uses super capacitors to accumulate energy, instead of conventional batteries. The SuperCaps UPS is ideal for installations where floor space is limited, in extreme temperature working environments and in applications sensitive to short power supply interruptions.

“Another recent product is the transformer-based UPS, the Master HP High Efficiency (HE), which compares well with top class transformerless UPS in terms of efficiency and compactness. Its unique combination of electrical security and reliability make it one of the best UPS’ on the market.”