Power transformers, as the most valuable assets in any substation, require regular maintenance and testing to assure their performance and reliability.

Recognising warning signs early can help protect transformers from defects and maximize their service life.

DV Power test instruments perform various diagnostic tests on power and instrument transformers. Even more, a unique feature is a condition assessment of on-load tap changers.

Our test instruments are either portable or handheld. Also, the 19” rack-mounted version suitable for factories is available as well.

Applications supported by DV Power transformer test equipment include:

  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Detailed analysis of on-load tap changers by using DVtest (DRM dynamic resistance measurement)
  • Heat run test
  • Automatic transformer demagnetization
  • Turns ratio measurement
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Phase angle measurement
  • Transformer vector group detection
  • Sweep frequency response analysis

All the above-mentioned measurements are performed to the highest accuracy.

Please see individual brochures for details.

Winding Resistance Meters & Tap Changer Analyzers

DV Power winding ohmmeters consist of single-phase RMO-T solutions, and three-phase TWA series. Models from the TWA series are designed for six-winding resistance measurement of power and distribution transformers, with only one single-step cable setup. As a result of reducing the total test time, significant time and money is saved.

Winding resistance meters & tap changer analyzers

Transformer Turns Ratio Testers

Transformer turns ratio testers from the TRT series are DV Power instruments mainly designed for the turns ratio measurement of any type of transformers. Also, they measure transformer excitation current and phase shift. Special tests, such as automatic vector group detection and magnetic balance, can be performed on three-phase power transformers and three-phase autotransformers.

Turns ratio testers

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

A sweep frequency response analyzer is a PC-controlled digital instrument that offers a fully portable solution for the field of SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) on power transformers in accordance with the IEEE C57.149 – 2012 and IEC 60076-18 standards.

The sweep frequency response analysis is a powerful and sensitive method for evaluation of the mechanical integrity of core, windings, and clamping structures within power transformers by measuring their electrical transfer functions over a wide frequency range. DV Power FRA500 is developed especially for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents.

Sweep frequency response analyzer

Handheld Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance Testers

DV Power offers convenient and high-quality handheld solutions that should become a part of every field technician or engineer’s toolkit. These extremely small and lightweight handheld instruments are mainly designed for quick and easy testing of distribution transformers. It is possible to perform winding resistance, turns ratio, and demagnetization tests with a single instrument.

Handheld turns ratio and winding resistance meters

DV Power is represented in the UK and Ireland by Sussex based Drallim Industries Ltd company, whose team of experienced engineers offer full product support. DV Power provides a 3 year warranty + additional 1 (one) year upon registration on all test instrumentation. This is a guarantee to our customers that they will receive the highest quality test equipment on the market.

For all enquiries from the UK and Ireland territory please contact: sales@drallim.com | + 44 (0) 1424 205140

For all enquiries outside the UK and Ireland territory please contact: sales@dv-power.com | + 46 70 0925 000