TR Fastenings announces further product expansion with the launch of a new premium range of HUMMEL cable glands, an important addition to its growing plastic & rubber hardware portfolio. This latest move confirms TR’s commitment to increase their product offering to existing and new customers nationally and globally.

HUMMEL cable glands are made of the highest quality plastic, brass and stainless steel and hold all the relevant approvals for international use. This range spans across numerous industry sectors with specific products to suit their needs.

Designed with safety in mind

Cable glands perform a number of essential roles in cable management. Designed to attach and seal the end of an electric cable, cable glands provide earthing, grounding, insulation and strain relief when connected to plugs, terminals, enclosures or electrical equipment.

They are often used outdoors or in harsh and hazardous environments where they need to contain electrical sparks or repel external contaminants such as dirt, dust, water and moisture. In addition, they prevent cables twisting, tearing and pulling to ensure continual performance and a secure connection.

Adherence to strict specification

HUMMEL’s range offers a wide choice of high specification plastic and metal materials and mounting thread types. All products adhere to the strictest national and international specifications, for full information on all please visit the TR website.

Highest IP Rating

With the international Ingress Protection (IP) rating system in place, the IP rates the glands depending on their design and efficiency for different applications. The HSK-K plastic range and HSK-M metal range meet the toughest requirements of industrial indoor and outdoor environments and provide the highest levels of IP ratings – IP68 and IP69K, compared to other competitors’ product.

This is mainly due to advanced seal design. The higher rated IP69K enables products to be used in conditions where equipment must be carefully sanitised such as in medical and food processing applications.

Dr. Bertram Melzig-Thiel, Vice President Product Line Cable Glands at HUMMEL, commented;

“We are pleased to be able to expand our cooperation and we are sure that we will enrich TR Fastenings’ high-quality product range with our premium cable glands.”

Andrew Fletcher, Director of Plastics and Rubber (Commercial and Technical) at TR commented;

“TR is proud to offer this latest innovative range to customers, and working with a world-class manufacturer in the connector field such as HUMMEL, strengthens our commitment to growing this range.

“This isn’t a one solution fits all scenario as we’ve seen the cable glands market change considerably over the years, with continuous product developments to meet industry demands. We do more than just deliver products, we provide solutions and we’re well poised to react quickly to this evolving market whilst remaining competitive.”

For more information on the HUMMEL cable gland products visit: