Since 1924, the company has designed and manufactured innovative power distribution systems for the most demanding data center, manufacturing, industrial, and commercial environments around. Today, Starline continues to be a pioneer in the world of power distribution equipment by combining a smart, yet simple design strategy for facilities that place a premium on operational flexibility.

Starline’s central product offering, Track Busway, has been deployed successfully in numerous critical environments for decades. Overhead power distribution, otherwise known as busway systems, have changed the way facilities supply electricity by forming a grid above the production floor. From here, a reliable connection to power can be made due to Starline’s unique open-access channel. This means plug-in units can be installed at any location along the busway to easily drop power to electrical loads. Available from 60 to 1200 amps, busway’s most distinguishing feature is its adaptability: the system can be customized in over 60 million different configurations.

This ‘plug and play’ principle is what makes Starline’s Track Busway the ideal solution for any facility which may require adjusting or scaling floor plans under short notice.  In contrast, traditional power distribution systems like conduit and wire are hardwired into place, making them extremely inflexible. To combat this, facility managers often turn to additional conduit installation such as extension cords to distribute power across the facility. Not only are extension cords unsightly, they also introduce safety hazards. Busway systems eliminate these electrical constraints while keeping labor costs to a minimum.

Furthermore, the benefits of flexible power distribution are not limited to overhead. Surface-mounted systems called “raceways” are extremely dependable and adaptable power distribution systems. Often mounted to walls or next to conveyors, raceways are perfect power solutions for warehouses, distribution centers, labs, and other commercial facilities. Being scalable and relocatable, Starline Plug-In Raceway is an excellent addition to ever-changing environments. Preassembled modules simply snap into place along the backplane of the raceway for a reliable connection to power.

Headquartered just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Starline also has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and Singapore to support the needs of its global customer base. Starline is dedicated to providing innovative, customizable power distribution and monitoring solutions that are particular to each customer’s critical requirements.

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